29 July 2013

Back to Writing and the CROWNFALL Playlist!

After taking a several-month long break in which I wrestled with personal things (namely, my thoughts about writing and whether or not I wanted to be a writer), I've finally started writing again just this past month. I admit, it was a very hard battle but I was eventually inspired by not writing to continue writing again. This includes: revisiting my favorite books, reading (stalking) blogs of authors I love such as Veronica Roth and Maggie Stiefvater, and watching old (and new) movies.

These things inspired me for the last couple of months by helping me realize the power of great storytelling and got me excited again about characters/world-building/etc. This also enabled me to find it within myself that yes, I still had stories that I wanted to tell and would never leave me alone when I'm lying in bed at night, stories that would revisit me in my dreams, and stories I wanted to make into reality.

And I decided to continue writing.

So, I'm back, a little behind on everything, yes, but still trekking. I finally finished up revisions for the MS I finished last year and started a new project the day after. The new MS (tentatively called CROWNFALL), is a YA Romantic Thriller, and was actually the one I was thinking about for the entire year but never really worked on it because I didn't know how to start.

But thanks to a nifty software called Write or Die (I credit my good friend Chessie for this), I finally told myself to WRITEWRITEWRITE and it surprisingly got me a beginning that (after a few tweaks) allowed me to not only continue the story but help me put the final pieces to the world of the novel.

I mentioned a few things about the MS earlier in the year but it's changed considerably since then. I started it a week ago and am already about 26 K in.

I'm keeping the details about it a secret (besides the genre) for now but in the meantime, I invite you to listen to the playlist for CROWNFALL below. I hope you enjoy and happy writing!

Crownfall by Lyla Lee on Grooveshark

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  1. Glad you're back Lyla and can't wait to read more on your writing progress.



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